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Auction Focus

Auctions are an established method of selling various types of items around the world and have a long history, having been recorded as early as 500 B.C. The auction method has been proven over the years to be the best method of establishing true market value.

What is an auction?

It is a marketing without a price process which allows interested parties to make competitive bids to purchase an item in an open, transparent & public forum.

Open, Transparent and Public are three key words in describing the auction process, with interested parties being able to observe what competing parties are prepared to offer i.e. make a bid and accordingly compete with a bid of their own if they see value at that level.

Selling by public auction provides control for the sellers, eliminates financial, is open to everyone, there is no cooling off period and usually results in a faster sale reducing time in the market. Urgency is created as auction day is a call to action with auction day bringing negotiations to a head with buyers competing amongst themselves hence creating competition.

As an auction programme is for a defined period of time; maximum profile & exposure is achieved according to the seller’s marketing budget. A skilled auctioneer becomes the best negotiator on the seller’s behalf, with the negotiations (the bidding) going up rather than down. Side agreements can be entered into between parties, enabling flexibility on terms to suit individual buyers.

The great advantage in selling by public auction for you the seller is it creates certainty and peace of mind with the deposit paid on the fall of the hammer. Sale by public auction also enables any premium currently available in the marketplace to be achieved.

For the buyers it is transparent, they know their competition, every buyer competes on a level playing field and they won’t get pipped by a $1000 if they don’t want too. The other important aspect for buyers is that evidence of market value is confirmed by the bidding level which provides reassurance to other buyers to compete at that level.

So now I ask you. You the seller of your property.. Why would you sell any other way? Call Harcourts today for further information regarding our auction process.

10 ways to enhance your street appeal

Enhance your street appeal

  1. Replace old hardware – this might seem simple but a quick and inexpensive fix can be just replacing house numbers, the entry door lock set, the mail box. We often forget about these little things which age over time and replacing them can freshen up your home.
  2. Install outdoor lighting – The price for this can vary but it sure does make a statement, arriving at night time to a path lit up by beautiful subtle lighting creating a relaxing ambiance. It can also be used as a feature to showcase large landscaping pieces such as palms.
  3. Renew planter beds – Freshen up the garden by replacing old plants with new ones, you’d be surprised what a new plant can do to make the area look smart.
  4. Add outdoor art – This venture can prove to be a little pricey but boy does it make a difference, especially if you already live in an area where people are wonderfully creative.
  5. Replace gutters and downspouts – These often become faded and build up mold over the years, replace your gutters and downspouts or just give them a spruce up, paint them.
  6. Renew the exterior paint – a fresh lick of paint can make a huge difference, or change the colour of your house exterior completely. This option will make your house stand out from the rest as everyone will be questioning what’s different.
  7. Build an entrance way – You’re probably thinking, doesn’t everyone have an entrance way? The simple answer is no; so if you’re one of these people it’s definitely worthwhile. If you can’t afford to buy tiles, dig out where you want the path way and fill it with stones from the beach; your only expense being the petrol to get there.
  8. Clean the windows – a chore we all hate, but having sparkly clean windows certainly makes a difference on the street appeal of your home.
  9. Storage – Be sure to keep all the children’s (and the husbands) toys away from the front entrance of your home, this will ensure that the house looks tidy from the street.

Tips & Tricks

Hot Tips for Selling in Summer

It’s becoming the hottest period of the year and as the sun comes out, so do the hats, cold drinks and backyard barbecues.

Summer is the season that all us Hawke’s Bay locals long for all year. It’s also a season where a lot of potential buyers are facing the heat to look for their next dream home. We’ve put together a few tips for you all to make your home more summer-friendly to potential future buyers; this will improve your chance of achieving the best sales result for your property.

Revitalise with colour

Using the correct colours can add a summery, fresh and cool appearance to your home and don’t worry; you don’t have to spend your life’s savings on repainting the walls. We’ve actually found that a common interior design trend for 2015 and 2016 is to keep walls fairly neutral. The interior designers suggest that we all start investing in bright, summery cushions and décor, fresh fruit and bright flowers which will give your home that fresh and colourful edge. We like to think blue is the best colour to use in any house, blue being the colour of Harcourts.

Let the outside in

Open all the windows and all the sliding or bi-fold doors. Air-conditioning may be a quick way to cool down your home, but people now want to feel the natural air on their skin. We suggest that you consider using the air-conditioner only before a home inspection and then open all the windows and doors to let in the fresh air and summer breezes.

Allowing natural airflow through open windows and screens, with your fans turned on at a low speed can help to show how cool your house is naturally, as well as emphasising outdoor entertainment areas and gardens.

Revive the garden

Your garden is often the first thing to make an impression on prospective buyers, and as we all know, first impressions often last the longest. This is why it is paramount to ensure your grass and garden is tidy before your open home. In summer, our lawns and shrubbery tend to grow faster due to our increased heat here in Hawke’s Bay, and because of this heat, some plants need additional watering. We suggest making sure your lawn is mowed, hedges and unruly shrubs are trimmed, and any wilting or dead plants are revived or removed before your open home.

Everyone loves outdoor space

A Hawke’s Bay summer really is the ultimate time of the year to showcase your home’s outdoor area; this is because we spend most our time out there. So spend some time making it look as appealing as possible, bring through those bright coloured cushions and décor. Put away any pool toys or play equipment, consider replacing or buying new outdoor cushions for seating areas, place a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers on outdoor surfaces or even a jug of Hawke’s Bay grape juice, sweep and tidy entertainment areas and even consider staging these areas to show just how inviting the space is in the warmer weather. It is important that your potential buyers feel as if they too could live there, so dress the space to be as inviting as possible.

Overall, the best tip for selling this summer is to put on what we call your ‘buyers shoes’ and take a look around your house as if you were inspecting it for the first time on a hot, sunny day. When you walk around, think about what appeals to you the most and think of what you can do to further enhance that area. Also take the time to consider what needs to be done to fix any problem areas. Happy summer selling!