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Luxury Property Selection

Luxury Property Selection


Luxury Property Selection (LPS) is owned and operated by one of the world's leading real estate organisations. They are a powerful network of real estate professionals who dedicate their work to marketing luxury properties.


LPS helps you the property owner, target engaged prospective buyers via their network of more than 6,300 sales consultants operating from 830 real estate offices across 12 countries.


LPS assures you an experience like no other - the prospect to get the ultimate exposure and returns for your exceptional property.


A truly international market awaits, proposing you more choices and more success, more of what you're looking for.





We speak the language of the seeker to connect, engage and showcase your property to the correct people.


Above all, luxury consumers desire lifestyle - property that facilitates or motivates the way they live. Knowing that, we've formed marketing tools that lead potential buyers on a voyage through four key desirables: lifestyle, location, recreation and eco features.


On the Luxury Property Selection website your prospective buyers can pursue their next dream by searching lifestyle features: a seaside villa, a hilltop retreat or a city getaway.


This mindset approach across our marketing assets positions your property squarely in the viewfinder and psyche of the luxury buyer.





More connections, more reach, more depth. We associate your property to more luxury buyers all over the world. That’s the influence of our international network - a multitude of luxury real estate specialists, each with a catalogue of local luxury buyers searching for their next dream property.


LPS shows off your property to a mass of actively looking purchasers plus passive prospects keeping an eye on the market, waiting for the right property to inspire them into action.


In the realm where selling your property is all about who you know, we know more people from more places.





For us, marketing your property is a focussed effort - a wisely targeted mix of buyer-specific networks, technologies and mediums that hone in on people associated to your property's lifestyle profile.


Online and offline, local and global, traditional and innovative, we have access to an outstanding set of elite marketing tools and packages. And we know how to make the most of them.


From our highly regarded Luxury Property Selection magazine to international property shows, niche lifestyle publications, digital platforms and more, we'll perfect a powerful plan to uncover your property to further luxury property buyers with more special interest in your property's features.





At Luxury Property Selection, we do one thing - market premium properties. It's our one and only forte. We're proudly specialists in what we do. We have more knowledge and more understanding in the space.


We offer an elite service that showcases your property where it belongs - among other premium listings.


Every day we deal with high-end properties and serious luxury buyers. We get what luxury truly means, to you and to them.





Our worldwide team works together to get you the greatest outcome. Matching luxury purchasers with first-class sellers to get people like you more money in less time. That's the only true measure of our success.


At Luxury Property Selection, our culture of teamwork runs deep and broad. It's the bedrock of our network where we stand tall to bring you exceptional service that goes beyond the horizon.


Luxury Property Selection affiliates have transacted over NZ $75 billion of property in the last three years.


That's the sum of us.

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