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Harcourts Digital Plus

Harcourts Digital Plus

Harcourts Digital Plus

Harcourts Digital Plus is the newest technological advancement in real estate, and Harcourts is proud to be the only real estate brand using such technology in New Zealand.


In the past, sellers have paid for marketing in the hope that someone, somewhere will be interested in their home. Now, though, we have the exclusive ability to put our adverts right in front of known property buyers — spending your marketing budget in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.





Here’s how it works


Once your property is listed, we create an ultra-targeted audience to market your property to. We analyse our website traffic and group recent viewers to our website into interest categories, for example ‘two bedroom, $350k apartment in Hastings’ or ‘four bedroom, $1.2m house in Taradale’ category.

We take this audience and market back to these specific active purchasers on Facebook. We then look at what differing markers and interests this audience has and we find additional people with similar markers and interests on social media to further expand the audience we are advertising to.

This smart audience we create is so relevant to your property that 1 in 10 people will click on your property ad or interact with it in some way.


Your property will then be advertised on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to the targeted audience. This will be up to 5,000 people who are most likely to be your buyer. The ad will run for a duration of 10 days.


Once the ads have gone live, you'll be emailed links to view them and access to the live dashboard. This gives you real time reporting on the progress of the campaign, showing comments and likes, click throughs and ad impressions. The results are consistently high and impressive.


Then, at the end of the ad run, you'll receive a PDF report with the final statistics of the campaign.



So how effective is this style of advertising?



The proven targeting is so powerful that 1 in 10 of the audience clicks through to your listing. With a target audience size of 5,000 people, that’s 500 people seeing your property and, crucially, 500 people who are actively searching for a home like yours.


What’s more, you can track the live progress of your adverts, including the number of views and interactions on each social media platform. You’ll see the interest flood in as your property gains viral traction with a relevant audience.


We’re incredibly excited to be able to exclusively offer this cutting-edge digital marketing option. It’s a true point of difference in the market and arguably the most effective way to reach buyers in today’s digital world. We believe it’s vital to adapt as technology evolves so we can continue offering advantages for our sellers. List with us to ensure the best possible digital promotion for your home.




Advanced algorithms ensure that data privacy is maintained while offering the simultaneous advantage of attracting buyers to your property. Privacy is protected and personal information of the target audience is not made available to Harcourts or anyone else.

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