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Culture, Recognition & Support

Culture, Recognition & Support

Harcourts has an incredible culture focused on people. Whilst hard to measure, our culture is the single most given response when members of Hawke’s Bay Harcourts are asked why they joined and stay with the company.

Independent study has found that turnover rates within the Harcourts group are up to 65% lower than the industry average.

Harcourts is clear about its purpose – we create success. Harcourts’ business philosophy is based on this drive and our four values that are communicated regularly throughout the company:

  • People first
  • Being courageous
  • Doing the right thing
  • Fun and laughter

These values guide the decision making and performance of every individual within the Harcourts group. Not only does this contribute to creating a memorable client experience, it also defines how members of the team work together and creates an environment where everyone is determined to help each other. This is the basis of Harcourts’ culture and is an important driver in both development and retention. Harcourts attracts outstanding people which ensures excellent performance.

The senior leadership team has an average age of 38.7. This youth provides the determination, energy, creativity and passion needed to continually strengthen the growth and success of the company.

Events & recognition

Personal accomplishments deserve to be celebrated and at Harcourts, we are not slow to identify victory. After all, success breeds success.

Through regional, national and international award events, industry publications and an internal awards structure, we ensure our people have the chance to shine.

The annual Harcourts Conference is an amazing opportunity to highlight both individual and company victories. This is an outstanding event which includes international keynote speakers and our top performers joined with networking opportunities and our annual black tie awards dinner.

For recognising and celebrating the people who make up this great company, this is the must attend event of the year.

Our business leader events are designed to assist the franchise owners and managers to build incomparable businesses through financial comparison sessions, top national and international speakers, workshops and networking occasions. These events provide the perfect platform to kick-start each year.

H1 Property

The Harcourts One product set is a fully integrated online solution. Our system includes everything from full property management and website hit reporting, contact management with email marketing combination, task management, and contact trails, as well as a wide-ranging library of Harcourts documents including training videos, tutorials and scripts. 


Harcourts’ eOne contact and task management application is just one of our exclusive technology tools. The app allows you to access your contacts, listings and tasks anywhere, and rate your buyers to indicate interest level, ensuring priority in contact task management. One of our 2 apps recognised and endorsed by Apple Inc.


Harcourts’ eCampaign is an impressive listing presentation app, fully integrated with all the Harcourts tools you require to secure a listing. The Harcourts Online listing presentation showcases your marketing products and enables you to build custom marketing plans online. The second of the 2 Harcourts apps recognised and endorsed by Apple Inc, letting us stand out in the industry.

Office and personal websites

Our office and personal websites are built on a widget platform allowing you to personalise your website with content to specifically suit you and your business. With the ability to display listings, profiles, stories and testimonials, the options are endless. Our sites are easy to manage and have high-speed commercial-grade hosting, search engine optimisation and technical support.