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Emerald Harper

Emerald Harper

I believe that in business, as in life, we need an element of sales skills. Whether it’s selling a concept a product or mediating a difficult situation. Without appropriate listening, communication and negotiating skills we will not succeed.

My work experience has provided me abundant skills to ensure a high level of professionalism and organization where required, while building my character in tenacity and integrity.

I work for my clients by seeking the absolute best price the market is prepared to pay in a time-frame suitable to their needs. Aware that the reason behind selling is not always a pleasant one, I work with confidentiality while being warm, open and honest.

I am an enthusiastic, positive person and exhibit this in everything I do. I am customer and results driven, and naturally empathetic – this has warranted me the ability to relate and communicate with a diverse range of people. I hold high expectations of myself, and am always striving to better myself within my professional career.

I love my job as I can amalgamate all of my skills, which involves top-quality customer service, creative marketing ideas, and using my brain to problem solve and seek solutions.

I partake in many hobbies from cycling and running to baking and various art mediums. I have a strong family focus which is the reason behind my shift from Whitianga to Hawkes Bay

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