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Why Do I Need Harcourts?

Why Do I Need Harcourts?

However with any high return investment comes risk and considerable time may be needed to ensure your asset and income is protected to the best outcome. A professional property manager, with proven success, can take most of the potential hassles away from you and maximise your return.

If your tenant suddenly leaves, or causes damage, do you have the resources to quickly rectify the problem? Here are some of the many duties and activities that your property manager will manage on your behalf:

  • Establishing a current market rental
  • Advice on preparing your property for the greatest return
  • Advertising for a tenant
  • Interviewing tenants
  • Screening tenants (credit and reference checks)
  • Inspecting the property
  • Preparation of tenancy agreement
  • Arranging automatic payments
  • Processing bond money 
  • Processing bond money 
  • Moving in inspection
  • Property condition report
  • Attending to minor repairs
  • Preparing monthly statements
  • Checking rent arrears on a daily basis
  • Issuing of notices
  • Regular property inspections
  • Payment of accounts
  • Communication with all parties
  • Attending mediation
  • Attending Tenancy Tribunal Hearings 

On a daily basis Harcourts attend to the many questions and problems that tenants and landlords come across. Harcourts have a proud track record in property management and with a team of 5 working exclusively in rental properties, Harcourts are well positioned to take care of your management needs. The nominal fee charged is a great investment on your part to ensure your rental property is achieving maximum return, with a minimum of fuss.


A growing business in Taupo and Turangi and an ideal way for you to enjoy holidays in the Lake area while receiving an income when you're not there. Harcourts lead the way for holiday rental management and our dedicated website attracts holidaymakers from all over New Zealand and increasingly international visitors.

Harcourts will arrange all aspects of holiday home rental, including collecting money before occupation, arranging key collection at any hour and having your property commercially cleaned after every visit.